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A Very Personal Choice


Our caskets cover a spectrum of materials and prices. The traditional Jewish casket is all-wood constructed. We have a wide variety of wood caskets including pine, poplar, oak, maple, cherry, walnut and mahogany. We also offer metal caskets, including bronze, copper and steel. Caskets can be viewed at our location. Please visit our Online Gallery


In New Jersey, Beth Israel Cemetery and Mount Lebanon Cemetery, in certain sections require the use of a concrete casket protector, or a concrete burial vault. Louis Suburban Chapel will assist you, if this is required. In Jewish tradition burial vaults are not used, according to Jewish burial customs. This is not a common practice, however if the family wants to use a burial vault, we have a wide selection of sealed concrete vaults.


Sealed Vaults
Sealed vaults are designed to protect the casket and remains from the elements below ground. They are often made of durable plastics and quality structural concrete.


Grave Boxes
The role of grave boxes is to provide structure and support to the dirt surface. These containers have holes in the bottom to actually allow the casket to be exposed to the elements.


If you have chosen cremation, the cremated remains are placed in a permanent urn. The urn may be used for the final interment or kept in a special place, in the home. Urns are generally made of hardwood, metal or stone, and can engraved with an inscription of the deceased name and dates of birth and death. We offer a wide range of urns, in all price ranges.