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Full Name: Florencia Estrera
Date of Death: Friday, January 14, 2022

Florencia R. Estrera, born October 27, 1934.
Passed away on January 14, 2022.
Florencia was the former Chief Nurse of the Bohol Provincial Hospital in the Philippines. She then became the first Dean of the College of Nursing of the University of Bohol. She pioneered nursing programs both graduate and baccalaureate degrees. She also created the nursing syllabus for physicians in the Philippines who wished to become nurses. Florencia then created another pathway for graduates of other degrees to transfer into the nursing program, giving them the opportunity to meet their career goals. Florencia is instrumental in the preparation of nurses i  the pipeline who are caring for the sick and vulnerable. She inspired her children, grandchildren, nieces, in-laws, and relatives to go into nursing.
Florencia is predeceased by her husband, Antonio Estrera and son, Nelson Estrera.
They are survived by Dennis, Helen, Alma, Miriam, Grace, and Rowena. Grandchildren Tom Anthony, Meja Flor, Aurora Regine, William, Nicholas, Ian Claire, Gene Joanne, Ana Margarita , Michael Christopher, Gene Mariel, Grace Nicole, Nel Anthony Caesar, Vanessa Rae, Kristal Sky, And Florence. Great grandkids (US/AU) Abigail, Isabella, Sidney, Charlotte, Mia, Xairylle Anne, Samantha, Katherine, Justine Angela, Grazelle Anne.  Also In-laws William, Oliver, Marco, Keith, Liz, Dina, Michael, Gemma, Rheza.
















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Friday, January 21, 2022  4:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Viewing at:
Louis Suburban Chapel
13-01 Broadway, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410






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  1. Nieva Rosales Garay-Macuno

    I lovingly remember my Auntie Foring who wanted everyone to be healthy; she sent us loads of vitamins in big packs. I have to hide from them as I abhorred the smell but my mama managed to get it down my throat. Auntie Foring is partially to blame why I am big.

    I lovingly remember her writing a note to the uniform maker in Bohol to measure me up for my white nursing student uniform in UB. That was the first time of me seeing a handwritten note magically turned to money. It give me a uniform to formally belong as a nursing student. It somehow supported my confidence. She gracefully covered my mother’s lack at that time.

    I lovingly remember her trying to stop me from going back to Butuan without finishing the pre-requisite subject so that if I change my mind, I can still continue nursing in UB and graduate on the same year as my peers. She still respected my decision in the end. That is how she earned my respects. She did not forced her opinion. Instead she showed me better options.

    These may be the only three of my memories of you Auntie Foring but they impacted my life greatly. In each of these three, you were a very caring nurse to me. You inspired me a lot. The love and care you imparted to me has been effectively delivered and shared to the people I have served..

  2. Christine Go

    I celebrate Nay’s wonderful and impactful life that she shared not only with you (her family) but to the people she made a difference to. Her legacy will stand the test of time and will always be remembered and honored for her contribution to the nursing and medical industry. Thank you Nay!! We will always remember what you stood for. I wish to be at least a quarter of what you were… I love you and say hello to my Dad and Lolo for me. 🥰💕🕊🩺


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