Types of funeral Services

There are several different types of services that you can choose when a loved one passes away. You pick the service that works best for you and we will accommodate your choice.

Chapel Service

A chapel service is usually held here at our funeral home, but can also be held at your place of worship. They last about an hour and they are usually conducted by a Rabbi or Cantor. They tend to last about an hour, and the Rabbi or Cantor can personalize the service to your needs. Usually after the service there is a procession to the cemetery, and the Rabbi or Cantor will do a short service there.

Graveside Service

For a graveside service the entire service is held at the cemetery. The people attending will meet up at the cemetery office and then will proceed to the graveside together. The length of the service will depend on the Rabbi or Cantor and what the family wants to do.

Mausoleum Service

A mausoleum service is done when a body is being entombed instead of buried. The service is usually held in the Mausoleum chapel at the cemetery.

Memorial Service

A memorial service is held when there is no body. Usually after a person was cremated. It can be held at our chapel or at your place of worship and proceeds much like a normal chapel service. There is no procession to the cemetery afterwards.