When the time does come to plan for a funeral, many decisions need to be made in a very short period of time, when your family is emotionally stressed, grief stricken and compromised. This is the time when your pre-planned funeral arrangement demonstrates its greatest value.

Basically, all or part of a funeral can be pre-planned. Normally, pre-planning includes the plot, monument, casket, ceremony and transportation. Our funeral director will walk you through every alternative to suit your wishes and budget.

Another aspect of pre-planning is the task of putting your affairs in order. This involves identifying any insurance, finances and valuables you may possess. Our funeral director will supply you with checklists and worksheets to facilitate this task. Of course, you should have a will and other personal financial records available for your next of kin. 

Pre-plan Payment

For some, the pre-planning expenses can best be handled before the actual death. Money is held in an escrow account, managed by the funeral home. The costs of all things are determined before the actual funeral. Once the death occurs, the funds are released to pay for the pre-planned funeral arrangements. Very importantly, the cost is locked-in at today’s prices.

At-need Payment

The funeral expenses can also be paid for at the time of need. This does not prevent all the arrangements to be completed ahead of time. Instead, only the financing is left pending. Sometimes the family members set up a special account, or the pre-planed arrangements are paid for by an insurance settlement.

SSI/Medicaid & Prepaid Funeral Arrangements

What Are the Benefits of Prepaying a Funeral Prior to Your eligibility for SSI?

New Jersey Prepaid Funeral Trust Fund

For over 30 years, the NJPFTF has grown to just under $340 million in trusted accounts.

Pre-Arrange Online

Our online pre-need funeral planning tool makes pre-planning easier. Your own personal login allows